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No Parking for you, you.... Customer!

What Customer Service? That’s My Space!

I must be in a time warp because I was under the mis-guided impression that reserved parking for bigwigs at companies went out of style the day that customer service became more important than where the Senior Vice President gets to park.  My wife and I disagree on this one: she says s/he has earned this dedicated parking spot.  I agree – s/he has earned it by serving the bank’s customers. Why would s/he take the parking spot away from a (paying) customer?  Let me add some more context:

First: I am a customer at this bank.

Second: This sign is on the side of the bank building where there are only four spaces and one handicapped space.  There is shared parking on the other side of the building, 20 feet beyond the drive-thru lane.  With genuine snarky tone and soaked with sarcasm – ‘Oh the poor SVP has to walk 20 or 30 extra feet. Oh poor bubby’….  Yeah, I’m being a jerk, but so is the jack wagon who put up that sign, barring CUSTOMERS from parking there, in his/her precious parking spot.  That does not carry a great customer service mentality with it.

Let’s speculate for a minute.  I have a meeting with my loan officer to discuss expanding my line of credit on which they will make thou$ands.  Or I am a prospect, and I park in the most sacred of spaces.  The SVP shows up.  I can see it now.  Queue Judge Smails from ‘Caddyshack’, “Porterhouse, there’s a brown Audi parked in my space. Call a tow truck and have it hauled away immediately.” Would the SVP have my truck towed?  Part of me says ‘go ahead,’ as it would prove the indifference towards the people that made/make you successful.  And if my truck is where I parked it when I finish my meeting, what is the point of a reserved space? Ego boost?  That’s another, longer blog post……

We are in the days of customer revolution; there are so many places to buy, well, everything, why would anyone tolerate such an attitude?  More importantly – does YOUR company have such policies?  My wife called it a perk of being SVP.  I’d prefer to have a monetary perk tied to how well we retain customers, let them park wherever they feel they need to, absent breaking the law. Or if they do, that’s for them to sort out.

I could be overreacting, however actions speak louder than words and the adage goes, ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’.  So when I see a sign like this, I it see it as a sign of how the company treats customers, or worse prospects.  Their website says, they’ll there for me.  As long as I park in the commoners’ parking spaces I guess. (Just imagine having me call you with a problem…)

Sure, we respect the SVP.  But without us – your customers – you have nothing of which to be SVP.

Thanks for reading!