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We can tell you all kinds of great things about us, but here is what attendees have to say

This program confirmed a lot of things I have suspected.  Lou joined the dots on a lot of concepts I had been exposed to.  This is an intense session.

MJ, Conference attendeee

The most valuable thing in this program for me was knowing your customers and looking at why we do what we do.  I appreciated all of the dialogue. Would I attend one of Lou’s programs again? Without a doubt!

Trent, Program attendee

“The content was spot-on and so very relevant for today’s businesses professionals.  Utilizing your experiences with GlobaFone to tie the material to real business outcomes adds an extra level of credibility to the material.”

Ken, Graduate Student

“The point I took the most interest in was when Lou compared the cost that businesses “pay” when losing customers to the cash incentive they might want to consider offering to existing customers as an enticement to stay.  Simple, logical, profitable yet even I don’t do it. I will now!”

Anonymous - Program Feedback

“Lou has a dynamic presentation that keeps his audience engaged and its full of great content that and be applied immediately. As a matter of fact while watching his presentation online I had to hit pause to implement his ideas with some of my own clients. When I resumed I came back to a presentation filled with more Gold!”

Ryan Roy - Personal Accountability Coach